We will gladly accept the return of products that are defective due to defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship. Fulfillment mistakes that may be made which result in the shipment of incorrect products to you will also be accepted for return. 
To request a Return Authorization, you MUST complete this Return Authorization Request Form here.

Return Policies

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you read on this page is the following:
DO NOT under any circumstances, return anything to us BEFORE you receive the Return Authorization which includes the correct address to ship to. This is because we ship from about ten different warehouses spread throughout the United States. If you send something back without the Return Authorization and you send it to the wrong address, you will incur a handling fee of 20% of your order, with a minimum charge of $18.00 to cover the cost of us having to REship your order to the correct address. Doing this not only causes a delay in processing your return or Size Exchange, it will cost you money, so please, do us all a favor and follow the instructions on this page so we can process your return or size exchange in a more timely manner and at the least cost incurred to you.

  1. We will gladly accept the return of products that are defective due to defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship. Fulfillment mistakes that may be made which result in the shipment of incorrect products to you will also be accepted for return.
  2. Fulfillment mistakes mean you ordered a size XYZ in a particular item but we sent you the wrong size and/or the wrong product, then we will gladly fix our mistake and you will not have to pay for shipping it back or for shipping the correct product. If we send you the correct product but it does not fit or you do not like it for any other reason, that is not our fulfillment mistake and therefore you will be responsible for shipping the item back and shipping the second item out to you.
  3. All returns must be unworn except to try it on. If you wear it out on a ride or elsewhere for even a few minutes, it's now a used product and will not be accepted for a return. When you get your order, we recommend looking it over, trying it on INSIDE the house. Do not try on boots outside and then want to send them back. Any products with dirt, mud, pet hair, human hair, perfume odors, Febreze odors etc. will also not be accepted for return.
  4. All returns must be returned in the exact same condition that you received it in. For example, all attached tags, any packaging, helmet or boot boxes, paper linings, etc. must come back just like you received it or your return will not be accepted and will be shipped back to you postage and handling due.
  5. Size exchanges will be faster if you make sure you include a detailed note with your name, shipping address and what size you want to exchange it for and include the fact that you purchased it from Ghost Rider Leather LLC or the various warehouses that store our products will not know how to handle your return and will cause delays and errors.
  6. Due to COVID-19, face masks bandanna's etc. will not be eligible for returns at all.
  7. You MUST request a Return Authorization BEFORE you send anything back. This is because your order will not be shipped to our Office address, we do not accept returns here. Your return will be going to any one of our ten or so warehouses spread out across the country. If you send your order back without an authorization and without the correct address to ship it to, not only will you delay any Store Credit or Size Exchange, you will incur extra charges because this means if you ship to the wrong address, we in turn have to pay a shipper to ship it to the correct location, which is money you will have to pay before any Store Credit or Size Exchange will be processed. So, again, DO NOT SHIP anything to us until we have sent you the correct shipping address for the product you are returning or exchanging and you will save all of us time and effort and save yourself from being charged that extra shipping fee.


  1. If you return something to us and you do not want or we do not have the size you need in stock, you will be issued a Store Credit to buy anything else on our site that you would like.
  2. Store credit is issued minus shipping we paid our shippers to ship your order to you.
  3. We only charge a Restocking Fee if you do not want a size exchange of the same product. This is because our warehouse / manufacturers charge the Restocking Fee unless you are doing a Size Exchange.
  4. Store Credits will be good for six months. Be sure to use your Store Credit within six months because once it expires, it will be too late and you will lose your Store Credit.


  • You may use any shipper you choose, such as USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc. the shipper does not matter to us.
  • As for shipping method, choose any shipping method such as Ground service that you will have a TRACKING NUMBER or in the case of the US Postal Service, you should pay for a Delivery Confirmation (their version of a tracking number). If you have no way to track your package and it becomes lost in transit to us, you have no way to prove you even sent it back and unfortunately we cannot give you a Store Credit or send you out the new size if doing a size exchange unless we receive your return.
  • Buying insurance is a good idea, because shippers do lose items from time to time. If they lose your package they will not pay for it unless you have purchased insurance from them. This is totally your decision.


  1. If you receive a package where the box is damaged and then you open it and see that your product was also damaged, immediately take pictures of the box and your order and CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. We will have to contact the shipper about damages and they will want proof, so send us your pictures and include your order number, name, shipping address and what you ordered and be specific about what was damaged.
  2. If the outside box or packaging is fine, but there is a defect in your product such as a missing snap or something that was likely caused in the manufacturer's factory, CONTACT US and take pictures of the defect, and give us your name, order number, shipping address and product you ordered along with a description of the defect.

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